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SPC Data Collection
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SPC Data Collector 
Versatile mobile data collector transfers data to a centralized database.

Data collectors get a new look and feel with the Pocket PC.  The MeasurLink SPC suite of products has been updated to run as a stand alone data collector.

It integrates with a centralized database and an applications suite to store the data, analyze and review the process history.

The same software that made  MeasurLink SPC Real-Time an industry standard has been updated to run on a Pocket PC.

Lambtech Automation provides a variety of data collection hardware and  Industrial PC's for SPC applications.

We provide a complete line of interconnecting hardware for obtaining data from all types of electronic equipment including reading registers in a PLC.  Our engineers can connect just about any kind of measuring equipment to our SPC software.

Lambtech Automation has the ability to connect multiple gages to the PC utilizing multiplexers and the software recognizes which gage is sending in which characteristics.  Also, we provide intelligent data cables for use with certain types of gages to ease integration with our systems.

Lambtech Automation provides a complete line of digital measuring instruments to build a complete turn key quality measurement system.


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